A Mighty Yearling
Antar Beni Hashim
US National Champion Yearling Colt 2021
By Marwan Al Shaqab by Gazal Al Shaqab to Ruminaja Ali to *Morafic by Nazeer x Amalie Beni Hashim by Barzan Al Shahania, from legendary mare NW Siena Psyche, and out of legendary mare Amelia B, a daughter of two legends, Magnum Psyche and Amety B, by Eternity and to Bask El Amigo.
Bred and Owned by Beni Hashim Arabians.
Masterfully captured by April Visel, Stuart Vesty and Javan Schaller

When I get excited, or possibly when any of us get excited, our brain floods with not only random thoughts, but with fresh ideas, as well. This extraordinarily beautiful, yearling colt excites me. When I look at him I think a plethora of good things. I prefer to give order to several of those thoughts:

1. Amety B became a famous broodmare due to being the dam of several big-winning and high-quality sisters by Marwan Al Shaqab. The one that this colt makes me think of is the exquisite and ultra - refined Princess of Marwan who made a big splash in Paris, some years back, and is now an important member of the Ajman Stud broodmare band in the UAE. Antar Beni Hashim is himself ultra-refined and ever so elegant and he is very closely related to "the sisters," of course.

2. Many years ago, inside the Egyptian Agriculture Organization - the famous breeding program - the EAO ( Al Zahra Farm) - lived a stunning and refined stallion named Antar who left a profoundly positive mark on the breeding program. The daughters of Antar were coveted by many. Will this be the future role for Antar Beni Hashim? The signs point to yes given his fabulous good looks and great breeding.

3. While just being a son of legendary Marwan Al Shaqab is already a big deal and shoots you to or near the top, but to be a son like Antar Beni Hashim that brings legendary mares such as NW Siena Psyche, Amelia B, Amety B and Amiga B to the table, we are now talking beyond unique, but armed and pointed toward greatness, most importantly. His pedigree is simply blanketed with legends from our beloved breed.
4. Have I mentioned yet that Rodolfo Guzzo showed Antar Beni Hashim to United States National Champion Yearling Colt in Tulsa just recently? Well he did and that was his very first horse show (not Rodolfo's but the colt's)! This my friends is not a quiet beginning but rather a loud announcement of coming greatness.

Antar Beni Hashim is not done with us yet, but just getting started. Is Paris, for the World Championships, next? Will Antar be front-row-center for the Las Vegas show? Only those at Beni Hashim Arabians know. Ask them.

Jeff Wallace